Pinecone Engineering - General Purpose Data Acquisition & Control Unit

Customer: Client 'B'

Project: Sonar Transducer Position Monitoring System


Client “B” had a requirement to monitor the position of a sonar transducer installed on a ship. The signals to be monitored were available at the front panel of the sonar equipment. The monitoring unit had to be hand held and provide status information as soon as it was powered up.



Pinecone Associates proposed the use of their General Purpose Data Acquisition & Control Unit product as the most economical solution to this requirement. The monitoring functionality was a good match for the requirement and provided an excellent solution even though the control functions were not required for this particular task. Client 'B' provided a requirement specification which Pinecone Associates used to develop the customised software. A prototype unit was developed as part of a design proving exercise. 



The prototype took 6 weeks to manufacture and was tested on a reference system in the Client 'B’s' factory.  Pinecone Associates then supported testing on-board a ship at the dockyard, which resulted in only a minor software change being requested. On completion of type testing and customer approval, Client 'B' awarded a production contract for 30 units including connecting cable forms. On delivery of the production units, Client 'B' performed a sample batch testing by connection to their reference system. All tests passed and Client 'B’s' project team accepted the units.

The project was deemed a success by all parties, completed to budget and within the agreed timescales. There have been no recorded failures to-date.