Pinecone Engineering - Case Studies

A small number of case studies from the many projects we have completed utilising our core skills of prototype development, electronic design, PCB layout, software engineering, LabView development, Test fixtures & ATE design, mechanical design, custom manufacture, obsolescence engineering and through life support.


Pinecone undertook to design and develop a Remote Monitoring and Control Unit concept demonstrator for a system that would report the status and condition of various buoy facilities. -more-

Data Acquisition & Control Unit

Client “A” had a requirement for a handheld monitoring device to the position of a sonar transducer installed on a ship. -more-

VME Thermal Test Board (TTB)

A double euro card conforming to the VME 64x standard providing a software programmable heat load for testing the thermal performance of populated VME crates. -more-

Bed of Nails Test Fixture

Developed from outline source information and a brief from our client, a 3D visualisation was 1st produced showing how the “unit under test PCA” interfaced with the bed of nails. The 3D concept was then assessed by our client and formed the basis for the detailed design.

Obsolete Relay Unit

A sealed 4pole change over relay with screw terminals formed part of an electronic control cabinet. Spares of the relay were no longer available so an alternative needed to be provided which had to be form, fit and functionally compatible.

ATE Support

Pinecone was asked to support an item of test equipment design by another company who were no longer trading. Pinecone confirmed that they could and has since updated the test equipment software developed using National Instruments LabView. Call out and routine maintenance support is provided.

Break-in Test Boxes

Detail design, manufacture and supply of a series of break-in test boxes fitted with various high density CINCH micro Dtype connectors.

Custom Cableform Manufacture

Manufacture of custom cableform using source information and kit provided by client. The cableform was 5meters in length with a single high density ZIF connector one end and a number of high density Cynch connectors + a custom PCA at the other. Delivery was urgent and completed within 10 days.