Pinecone Engineering - Obsolescence Engineering

It is often vital to exploit emerging technologies to maintain a competitive edge or to re-engineer to eliminate obsolescence. Pinecone Engineering provides a one-stop shop for all your pcb re-design, development, rapid prototyping and production needs. From initial contact  through to product manufacture our versatile workforce will keep you informed at all times.


PIC Microprocessor Development

Data Aquisition and Control UnitPinecone has taken advantage of the prolific output from Microchip the makers of PIC microprocessor devices. We have developed skills to harness the power of PIC peripherals so that new designs may benefit from useful interfaces married to lightening fast processing speeds. Software written in C, PIC Basic and assembler code maintain the flexibility needed to squeeze maximum power out of an economically produced design.


Specific Services

  • Requirements capture
  • Specification development
  • Electronic Design
  • PCB layout
  • PCB assembly
  • System integration / wiring
  • Mechanical design
  • Software firmware development
  • Testing
  • Data pack production
  • Through life support
  • Obsolescence engineering

Design Experience

Analogue Design

Signal conditioning, transducer interfaces, actuators, fibre optics, active passive analogue filters, power supplies & battery management / backup, analogue mixing, active passive analogue filters.

Digital Design

Micro-processors / controller designs including PIC, DSP and FPGA components, A/D, &D/A conversion, serial interfaces, SPI, I2C, USB. Discrete logic.

Mixed Technology Design

Electro-mechanical assembly, power electronics, motor drive systems, PLC's, linear actuators & slide mechanisms.