Pinecone Engineering - Software Design

Pinecone Engineering - Software Design Pinecone software engineers have a broard area of expertise covering such area’s as man machine interfaces, real time simulation, digital signal processing, test & measurement solutions and scientific & nuclear instrumentation.


Specific Services

  • Requirements Capture
  • Project Management
  • Quality Management
  • Verification and Validation
  • Design
  • Coding & Development
  • Integration & Development

Software Application Areas:

  • Biometric recognition systems
  • Real-time Simulation and Modeling,
  • Sonar Systems
  • Aircraft / Avionics Systems
  • Telecoms
  • Real-time Process Control
  • Motion Control
  • ATE
  • Custom Test Equipment

Design Methods / Tools:

Rational Rose/UML, HOOD, Teamwork, Yourdon Analysis & Design, System Architect.

Software Languages:

Ada 83/95, Pascal, C, Coral, Various Assembler, C/C++, LabWindows/CVI, LabView, TestStand, Visual Basic and VBA (Access/Word/Excel)

Operating Systems:

Fortran, LynxOS, Unix/Linux, OS9, DEC VMS/CMS DOS, Windows, iRMX, XENIX, PDOS, UNIX, VMS, Virtuoso, VxWorks.


RS232/422/485, Ethernet, GPIB, ARINC 429, Active X.

Target Machines:

Power PC, DEC Alpha, M68020/40, Transputer.


Motorola 68000, VME, PC's, Silicon Graphics IRIS, Harris Nighthawk, DEC VAX, PowerPC, SHARC DSP's.